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Emails have been considered as a reliable and secure way of communication. Apart from being an easy way to communicate with people across the globe, it is also regarded as a formal means of connecting. Due to the amazing email benefits that AT&T offers, naught for not it is considered among the best email services. By creating an account in AT&T domain, the users not only have an access to emails but also to other benefits including entertainment, news, and more. One can access the email service through Yahoo portal also. Once you sign up for AT&T internet or dial-up services, you get a primary email account with the same. An individual can make six additional accounts with this email service or can assign different users for the same. When you register for AT&T net service, you create a unique name for yourself, which also acts as your email address and this becomes your member ID. One thing that you should know is changing the member Id or your primary ID is not possible once created. You might be interested in knowing more about the same. Feel free to contact the email experts at At&t Support anytime you want.

What’s new?

With an introduction about AT&T Yahoo Mail, you can now get on board with fantastic email features. Adding a more personalized touch to your email homepage is now possible as you can change the color scheme through the Settings. Another new option added to the portal is the availability of virtual space, providing you with a choice of sending an animated GIF to your recipients. The dashboard is made quite synchronized. An option of ‘View’ folder is added where you can browse your emails in a smarter and sophisticated way. By clicking on ‘Travel’, all your travel details get sorted and are available for you at one place. You can also take a look at your purchases and other stuff, by clicking on the ‘Purchase’ icon. So what are you waiting for? Get Started with the same and consult the software experts at AT&T Tech support right now for understanding the procedure.

Setting up Secondary Email Account with AT&T

To create an email account with AT&T, you must be an internet subscriber. It doesn’t work like other free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. After you have purchased or subscribed for AT&T internet services, you can easily set up an email account with this domain and access your emails through a third party desktop software such as Outlook. Read the steps mentioned below and create an email account easily. For any further queries, feel free to dial At&t Support number 1-866-789-8030 and get in touch with the techies.

  • Launch att.net domain address and login to the portal using your member ID and password. ( It is the same when you created the AT&T Internet account)
  • From My AT&T tab, click on ‘Internet.’
  • From the drop-down menu, select Email Account. Your primary ID was already created when you subscribed for the internet services, to create additional emails Ids, click on ‘Manage Sub Account’ and then further on ‘Add a sub-account.’
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the Accept button
  • Create a new email address and password for the AT&T email account
  • Provide the relevant personal details and complete the information that has been asked.
  • Choose an offline security question and provide the appropriate answer along with a passcode.
  • After that, choose two online security questions and their answers respectively.
  • Click on Save, and you have successfully created a secondary email account.
What are the three ways by which you can access your AT&T email account?

The three ways by which a user can access their AT&T email account is discussed below. One can either connect it via Desktop or through their iOS and Android devices. Read a detailed analysis shared below and for any more queries get in touch with At&t support.

Through Desktop
  • From your web browser, launch https://www.att.com
  • Click on the sign in icon and enter your AT&T email address and password
  • Press Enter and you are successfully logged in to your email account
Through iPhone or iPad
  • Click on the Settings app and then select ‘Accounts and Password’
  • Tap to ‘Add Account’ and then scroll down to the button to select ‘Other.’
  • Click on ‘Add Mail Account’ and enter your personal details
  • Type the AT&T email address and your mail password
  • If you like you can also type a description
  • Click on ‘Save,’ and now you can access your AT&T email through iPhone or iPad.

If you find difficulty in setting up the account in iOS device, then the best way to resolve the error would be contacting At&t Customer Service +1-866-789-8030.

On Android
  • Tap on the Settings icon and then click on ‘Accounts.’
  • Click on Add Account and then select POP3
  • Tap on ‘Manual Setup and then input your AT&T Email address and password
  • In the inbound server address, type ‘inbound.att.net’ without quotation marks
  • For Security type, select SSL/TLS whatever is available
  • Change the port number to 995. In many cases, it gets automatically registered
  • Click on ‘Next’ and move forward to fill in the server details for Outbound server page ( SMTP)
  • In the server address field, type outbound.att.net
  • Select SSL/TLS as the security type, and the port number should be changed to 465
  • Click on Save and you can now use your AT&T email account through Android interface
Some Frequently Asked Question

Being a novice user or someone who has been connected with this email service for quite a long time, there can occur different occasions when a user can have different questions in mind. You can take a quick glimpse at some of the questions shared below and for other queries, feel free to dial At&t support number.

If the email account of the user is inactive for more than 180 days and there is not a single activity performed in the account, then your AT&T email account will get deleted permanently.

Apart from your primary email account which gets created once you purchase the AT&T internet service, a user can create up to 6 additional sub or secondary accounts with this email service

A user can reset the email password in three ways. These include ‘Security Question,’ ‘Phone number’ or through your Member ID associated with your AT&T subscription. If you are looking forward to reset your email password through technical assistance, then feel free to dial AT&T Support number and connect with the techies via call.

If you already know your AT&T email password and wish to change it, then you can do so easily through your email account home page. Click on the Profile icon and then edit ‘Security Information.’ Type your current password and enter your new password

If you come across any issue regarding your email and are not able to solve the snag manually, then the best way would be to dial AT&T Technical Support number and talk to the email experts.